Sunday, 4 September, 2011

Music post of the day

Yeap, I pretty much decided to separate both music and travel posts (today’s will be posted in a couple of hours I suppose) from each other; after all, you can’t afford to put music in the backseat. So right, back to the today’s post:

|After| by <Karamel Kel>

Well, I’ve probably mentioned this countless of times but I’ll say it again: There’s so much unnoticed talent on the Internet in the entire world that it’s pretty insane and awesome at the same time; you just have to look out for them. This producer’s only 15 (according to the description on his channel at least), and it goes to show that age doesn’t matter when it comes to music - be it listening or producing it. At any rate, (once I return home in a couple of weeks) I’ll try to contact the fella and perhaps do an artist feature on him…we’ll see I suppose.


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